A job fair is a little like speed dating for recruiting new employees to your workplace. They can be highly effective at recruitment and building your brand but require time and investment to be successful. The key to success is preparation and interaction. Job fairs offer employees a chance to meet a diverse talent pool of prequalified candidates. However, you will only be one among many businesses, so it’s essential to find ways to stand out. 


Prepare Before You Go to A Job Fair 

Before attending, find out who will be there and the best way to prioritize your approach to likely candidates. At a well-attended fair, it will be nearly impossible to meet everyone, so you’ll want to be sure you can identify and talk with your top choices.  

Pick a team from your company that will best represent your business during the event. Networking comes easily to recruiters and human resources staff. This means they’re often open to initiating discussions with candidates. Hiring managers have the screening and interview skills that can be used onsite for spontaneous screenings.  

Coordinate with your human resources department to order material needed to attract potential employees. Remember to have name tags for your team members and brochures about your company. Prepare questions in advance for those who expressed an interest in your company. 


Use These Tips at The Job Fair to Attract Qualified Candidates 

Before going to the job fair decide if you will be accepting resumes. Be sure everyone on the team attending is on the same page. Know which positions you’re actively trying to fill and arrive at the fair in plenty of time to set up. You don’t want to be setting up as the job seekers arrive as it appears unprofessional and can stop the early arrivals from talking with you.  

Do not sit behind your table or booth as this can be intimidating, especially for those who are new to the job market. The goal is to look as inviting as possible to qualified candidates, so standing beside the booth or in front of it is a better choice. Say hello to those who pass by and be sure to smile.  


After the Event Is Over, What’s Next? 

Once the event is over, you’ll want to follow up with any inquiries as soon as possible. If you accepted resumes and applications, be sure to take the time to assess those quickly and get back to the job seekers. If you did not accept resumes, be sure you explained the right way to get through the application procedure, so candidates do not feel there brushed away. “Just go to our website” is not helpful in building relationships with people, nor will it generate good word-of-mouth between on-site candidates.  

After an event is finished, it’s important to measure the results and compare those against other strategies you might use to recruit qualified candidates. You might consider questions such as, how many candidates did we interview during the event? How many of them were qualified? Did we find any qualified candidates that we would hire? 


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