When you’re scheduling an interview or coming in to meet with your future employer, there are a few tips that give you a leg up over your competition. You likely know what to bring to the interview, to arrive early and to dress professionally. You probably have done research before arriving to learn the company’s mission and vision and how you can quickly fit into the company culture. But what you may not know is who holds the power in the office. 

Be Kind to the Administrative Assistant 

It’s important to remember some people have an easier time being nice to everyone and others need to prioritize who should be treated with courtesy and who can be overlooked. The one important person in your potential employer’s office who must always be prioritized is the receptionist and the administrative assistant. Sometimes these are one in the same, but either way, it’s important to prioritize them. These are the gatekeepers who can be sure you never get to see the person you need, get passed over for others or have their bosses’ ear as to who the best candidate might be. 

The Receptionist Sees Everyone 

Many candidates assume that they are being hired by the person who’s interviewing them. What you may not know is a good boss will ask the first public point of contact about your behavior and how they were treated. This gives your hiring manager an authentic and transparent look at how you treat others. Receptionists and administrative assistants often deal with dozens of clients and customers by the time you show up. If you don’t treat them with courtesy and kindness, you might find their evaluation of you is not as positive as you would have hoped. 

How You Treat Others Tells Your Boss All About You 

The reason a good boss will ask the receptionist and administrative assistant about your behavior is because how you treat others tells them a lot about who you are. It may be easy to put up a front in the interview for an hour, but how you treat others when you think no one is looking is exactly what your boss wants to know. When you treat people badly who you think are low on the totem pole, it speaks to your own lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. 

You’ll Get Some Perks 

In addition to getting a good word from the receptionist before you’re hired, you’ll also find the relationship you began before employment extends to after employment. This means your messages to the boss will get through much quicker and you’ll spend less time waiting for an appointment. After you’re hired, be sure to take an honest interest in who they are. Consider bringing a cup of coffee or some extra candy for their desk. When you remember their name and what’s going on in their life, they are more likely to put you at the head of the pack. 

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