Recognition encourages a positive, productive and creative organizational climate. Although everyone enjoys hearing about how well they’re doing, many managers wait for the annual performance review before sharing their thoughts. As Dr. Bob Nelson, best-selling author and motivational speaker has said, “People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.”

Reduce employee turnover and increase engagement. Many times employees are happy at their job, but not with their manager or supervisor. When employees feel undervalued or don’t believe they’re making a significant contribution at work, they begin utilizing staffing services to seek new employment. Try putting yourself in your employee’s shoes and asking, “What would it take for me to feel valued at work?”

One small step in acknowledging employee’s work increases productivity. When an employee is happy and recognizes they are valuable to the company, they work harder and longer. This reduces employee turnover and therefore reduces your overhead costs. Recruiting and training a new employee is expensive, as it often takes three to six months for new employees to get used to their role and become as productive as the previous one.

When employees are recognized, they feel worthwhile, affecting the trust they have in the company and increase their commitment to the workplace – and, therefore, your retention rate.

Appreciative leaders are appreciated. Good leaders recognize their employees, but great leaders appreciate them. Often, recognition is associated with a monetary award or promotion, and while there’s nothing wrong with these rewards, appreciation is fundamentally different from recognition.

Essentially, appreciation is often non-monetary based and demonstrates how important and valuable your employee is to the company, which contingent staff appreciates as much or even more than your permanent employees. Most of the tactics that show appreciation are simple, but powerful.

A simple thank you with true sincerity communicates to your employee they are important to you and you value their work. Better yet, public acknowledgment of work above and beyond what’s expected gives the employee visible credit and others license to recognize them as well.

Seeking out your employee for guidance in a specific decision will boost your employee’s morale and will certainly make them feel important and valued. Additionally, you’re getting a second objective opinion and will get insight into your employee’s thinking process and judgment. When used with temporary employees, this tactic helps identify those you would like to permanently hire.

The manager who’s willing to engage with employees and truly listen and communicate ultimately improves company production and retention.

If you’d like to learn more about how to recognize and appreciate your employees, contact an expert at Stellar Staffing Solutions who will help you develop an easy-to-implement plan to retain your most valued employees.

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