If you’re looking for a new job, you’re probably worried about making a great impression on your potential employer, but your first step is to get the recruiter on your side. That comes with getting off on the right foot. Here’s what your recruiter is looking for and what you can do.

Dress to impress. Sometimes job seekers are a bit casual when they meet with a recruiter, saving their best for employer interviews. Looking great for your recruiter can put you ahead of the competition. A professional appearance can give the recruiter confidence when they represent you to the employer. They are invested in you doing well because presenting great candidates ensures that hiring managers continue to trust and rely on the recruiter.

Be completely honest. The recruiter is there to help you. Don’t hide things from them. If you have something difficult in your job history such as an employment gap, they can tell you how to address it with the employer, so it doesn’t knock you out of the running for a great job.

If you’re not forthcoming about your skills and experience, it makes it tougher to find a job that’s just the right fit. They can find you jobs that you will love with companies where you will thrive. Be sure to share your favorite things about your last job and what you didn’t care for. Tell them if you prefer to work independently or need a lot of feedback.

Use their resources. You probably know that the recruiter can be your liaison to the employer, giving you the inside scoop on what the employer is looking for and what the company is like to work for. You may not know that they can also help you polish your resume and prepare for your interview. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance in any area you may be a little weak in.

Stay in touch. Whether you take a job the recruiter finds you, find one elsewhere or decide to put your job search on hold, be sure to update your recruiter. If you haven’t found the right job yet, you want the recruiter to keep looking for you. If you have, it’s polite and professional to keep them informed so that they don’t waste their time looking for jobs for you if you are not interested.

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