Going to an interview can trigger more than just a few butterflies in the pit of your stomach. When you are prepared for an interview, whether with a contract staffing agency or a permanent employer, you’ll have more confidence and be more likely to shine during the interview. Knowing what not to bring to your interview may be as important as what to bring.

There are good reasons for each of the items below, so consider how they may help prepare you and enhance your appearance during the interview.

Paper, pen and your resume – You should bring at least three copies of your resume to hand out to anyone who may have forgotten to bring theirs and as a reference for yourself. It’s also important to bring a pad and pen to take notes. You’ll want to record information about the company or the staffing agency to refer to later.

Questions – Think of questions to ask that indicate you’ve thought about the position and have an interest in how you’ll fit into the company. However, don’t bring up salary or benefits unless your interviewer does.

Breath mints or gum – These are a necessity; however, be sure you don’t have either in your mouth when the interview begins. Toss them before you enter the room.

Folder – Keep copies of your resume, a list of your references and your questions in this folder. It’s a good organizational tool and looks much better than pulling crumpled papers out of your purse or pocket.

Directions – It may sound obvious but be sure you know exactly how to get to your interview, and you arrive early enough to use the restroom, check a mirror and feel confident about yourself and your professional appearance.

Smile and positive attitude – Remember to smile during your interview! Show off your personality and your ability to connect with others, especially if you’ll be dealing with the public in your new position.

Bottle of water – This is a great asset when your mouth goes dry or you’re trying to formulate an answer to a particularly difficult question. Those extra few seconds can make the difference between saying something smart and saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Leave it at home – Don’t bring gum, food, drinks or friends. Remember to respect your interviewers time and energies. Remember to silence your phone before you start the interview. Nothing is worse than a phone constantly beeping with notifications, text messages or calls from friends when your interviewer is evaluating how hard you’ll be working for their company.

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