Over the past 50 years, the rate of technological change has driven some amazing advancements in medicine, business and personal lives. In the past 10 years, smartphones have become indispensable in the lives of most people. Computer programs have more user-friendly interfaces and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to maintain the company books anymore. 

Adding to the technology, the speed of the internet has grown so that more companies are taking advantage of connectivity with their clients and employees. Today you can draw from a national or even global workforce who can work remotely, while still staying in touch through video chat.  As 2020 is now underway, many business leaders have speculated on the changes that may happen in the next 10 years.  

For instance, potential candidates can now access an application to work at McDonalds on their Google device. As changes continue, you may be faced with demands from a growing talented workforce who want to work from home.  

This offers you and your employees greater flexibility. However, by working remotely, there may also be a greater dependence on technology. In turn, this growing dependence will likely lead to newer and more innovative ways of connecting, communicating and collaborating. 

There Is a Growing Awareness of the Impact Mental Health Has on Finances 

Moving into 2020 and beyond, science will provide even more evidence of the financial impact mental health has on a company’s bottom line. Without burnout, employees who have established a strong work-life balance are more likely to be creative, productive and take fewer sick days. 

This improved health will impact a company’s insurance costs, lost workdays and improve overall productivity. Each of these factors will lead to higher earnings and a greater potential for growth. Part of this may start with a four-day work-week. 

As the U.S. starts catching up with European standards, Microsoft began using a four-day work-week and found instead of a drop in productivity, they enjoyed an increase. By taking advantage of technological advancements, companies can reduce wasted meeting time, allow more employees to work remotely and in turn, enjoy higher productivity and greater returns on their personnel investment. 

How About People in the Office? 

Researchers have also provided evidence that those who work in comfortable and green spaces are sick less often and are more productive. In addition, more companies are considering how to make their office space sustainable and their products more planet-friendly. Less plastic and paper, while reducing energy use and providing employees a comfortable environment all make an employer more attractive to talented candidates. 

You may have noticed that a growing number of employees are no longer interested in climbing the corporate ladder. Where your grandparents may have started and ended their career at the same company, today’s new graduates are more interested in how they are making their income, rather than obtaining a title at a company. 

If you can create an environment where your employees thrive inside and outside the office, you’ll enjoy the benefits of greater productivity and creativity in your business. 

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