Increasing your productivity at work will get you noticed by your manager and improve your potential for advancement at the company. If you’ve ever finished your workday feeling like you didn’t get everything done, or even like you got nothing done, you’ll want to consider changing how you structure your time and use these three important ways to increase your productivity. It’s important to remember that no matter who you are, or where you live, you have no more than 24 hours every day to finish your tasks and achieve your goals. Productivity can be difficult, and managing your time challenging, so it’s important to know where to start to increase your flow and work smarter. 

There’s an App for That 

Each of us has a different struggle at work. Whether it’s trying to stay focused on important tasks, steering clear of distractions or creating a functional and workable to-do list, it’s important to address your challenges with creative and productive answers. Enter the digital age. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an app for that on your computer or your smartphone. For instance, if you’re looking for a central platform to create a task list, consider If you want a browser-based to-do list to keep your daily functions in front of you, considering Momentum, an app for Chrome. If you’re highly distracted, it’s time to turn off notifications and manage interruptions by scheduling meeting blocks so you can stay focused for longer periods of time. 

The biggest obstacle you may have to increase your productivity at work is recognizing the challenges you face. If you’re unable to identify your obstacles, it’ll be more difficult for you to identify a consistent and effective means of addressing the issue. It’s helpful to know one of the most common mistakes people make is multitasking. It might be tempting to believe you can take care of a few things at once, but your brain simply doesn’t work that way. Your ability to multitask exists only in your imagination. When you focus on one task at a time, you find you complete it more quickly and more accurately. 

Your Brain Does Not Work 24/7 

One way of increasing your productivity is to take a break. You might think working long hours, and getting little sleep helps finish your project or get more done. However, studies have shown that regular breaks will improve your mood and increase your concentration. Both of these are integral to your productivity. Taking short breaks throughout the day is vital to your focus. Take a five-minute break to walk around the office or a 15-minute break to walk around outside. Studies have shown exposure to green space and fresh air helps to increase your creativity and improve your mood. 

Another way of taking a break from large projects is to Institute a 2-minute rule. This means when you find a task you believe will take 2 minutes or less, take care of it immediately. Filing small tasks to be done all at once often makes them take longer as you’re handling them twice. 

Do First What You Don’t Want to Do Last 

One important rule to becoming more productive is to do the activities you are least interested in or which will require the largest amount of your time and effort first.  Doing those first and getting them off your list frees your emotional energy so you’re more apt to take care of more work later. Sometimes putting off projects or tasks you dread reduces the total amount of work you can accomplish during the day. 

Are Your Ready to Be More Productive? 

Productivity can sometimes come at a cost. You experience an emotional drain when you aren’t satisfied with your position or the company where you work. If you’re ready to change jobs or are looking for a boost to your career, contact our professional recruiters today. We are ready to help you through the career challenges you may be facing to enjoy a productive and satisfying future. 



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