Whether you’re looking for a new job or exploring your options, a job search can be a daunting task while you’re still working. You may have heard some myths about working with a recruiter – namely; they are only interested in filling a role for their client.  

This just isn’t true! 

Although recruiters are technically hired by the company, it’s in their best long-term interest to make both parties happy. Just like there’s a better chance a buyer or seller will call a realtor again if they’re happy with the result, the same is true for recruiters. Whether you take the job or not, the next time you’re ready to look for a job you’ll call the person who offered you the greatest help. 

Your Top Seven Reasons to Work with a Recruiter 

You may feel a little apprehensive about engaging a recruiter to help your job search but consider these reasons a recruiter is your best option: 


  • You’ll have access to unlisted job openings 
  • Your recruiter can help connect you with hiring managers 
  • STRESS – Job hunting is stressful, and recruiters help lower your stress level 
  • Recruiters help you optimize your resume 
  • You’ll be better prepared for interviews 
  • Recruiters do the searching for you 
  • Your resume won’t get lost with other applicants 


Why Should You Pick Up the Phone Every Time Your Recruiter Calls? 

Some feel they need to be completely prepared or play a little hard to get with a recruiter, but again – nothing is further from the truth! Recruiters understand you may be in the middle of a meeting or in a bad spot. It’s easy to answer the phone with a quick, “Hi! You’ve caught me at a bad time. Can I call you back in 15 minutes?” Then be sure to call back. 

This communicates to your recruiter you pick up your phone, you’ll be transparent about when you can talk, and you follow through on what you tell them. These are all character traits your new employer is looking for. 

Recruiters are in the business of matchmaking or introducing a strong employer with a talented employee. If you don’t pick up the phone, you may miss out on a great opportunity you weren’t expecting. Recruiters don’t have all day to chat, so when they call it’s important, you pick up so you have the option of responding.

Recruiters will save you time and energy – and may be able to help you work out a special arrangement with a new employer. Even if you aren’t ready to leave your current job, a new employer may be willing to let you pick up a few hours every week so you can both test the waters before making a permanent decision. You’ll only discover this option if you talk with your recruiter. 

You may not be hired for your first match, but you’ll be in your recruiter’s database of talented candidates to consider the next time your resume matches the needs of an employer. This gives you access to greater job opportunities than if you were looking yourself and can help drive your job search – sometimes even when you didn’t know you were looking. 

Consider Stellar Staffing Solutions When You’re Thinking About a Job Change 

You are more than just your resume, and at Stellar our expert recruiters know the value of getting to know you and working as a team. There are many benefits of working with a recruiter to grow your career options. Call our recruiters today and let us show you how easy we can make your job search journey.  

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