Anytime your workforce is engaged in the mission and vision of your business, it has a positive impact on your bottom line. The mission of your warehouse staff is to improve customer service, cut costs and deliver the right product on time, every time. To accomplish this, your company culture must drive employee performance. And, a big part of that culture is placing value in your employees. No matter how many rules, regulations or measurable behaviors you outline for your warehouse employees, unless they buy-in to your goals, you’ll be hard-pressed to get it accomplished.

At a basic level, most employees want to do a good job for their employer and turn in a good day’s work at the end of the day. The achieve a greater depth of ownership for their behavior, you want to build a culture that also builds the strength of the mental and emotional connection they feel toward where they work. By supplying your employees with the right tools, training and recognition, you’ll be on your way toward working with an engaged workforce who is interested in changing the culture and productivity of your warehouse. 

Set the Tone at the Top 

The changes that happen in the warehouse or anywhere else in the business will always happen from the leadership down. While one or two employees may be able to make a small dent in their shift or group of friends, it takes leadership to demonstrate and enforce the expected behaviors. One of the best ways to demonstrate an effective value-driven culture is through service. In other words, when the leaders are willing to pitch in and help during heavy volume times, meeting measurable goals and treating others the way they expect others to act, their consistent demonstration will be a visible example for others.

Set Measurable Goals for Behavior 

There is nothing more frustrating for an employee than to be told “things must change ” without any guidance about what things and how they should change. When you know what’s expected, it gives you the opportunity to excel, offering your employees the option of ending each day feeling successful. Consider identifying the core values that you want to drive specific behaviors of your employees. These offer greater structure when employees are floundering. For instance – customer focus, integrity and bringing your best are three core values that may help drive improving performance, guide behaviors of current and future employees, and provide structure for policies, procedures and evaluations. 

Show Your Employees a Path 

Most people are ready and willing to put in a hard day of work and are even more motivated when there is a clear path for those who feel in charge of their career. People who are engaged have a higher likelihood they will also take pride in what they do, be more productive and offer your customers better service. Training programs, certifications and an opportunity for career growth can help build skills and better employees. 

Take Assessment of Your Culture and Call Stellar Staffing Solutions 

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’re starting. Take an assessment of your current culture and ongoing assessments as you begin making changes to understand the impact those changes are having. To cover absences, holes in your staffing or handle short-term increases in demand, you’ll want to hire people you can easily integrate with your staff. When you need quality talent to meet your needs, trust Stellar Staffing Solutions. Call our offices today and see how nearly two decades of expertise can improve your productivity. 


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