Some of life’s best decisions can come when you conquer your fears. Finding a new job is one example. You may feel secure but stuck in your existing position. The latest statistics show only 30% of the American workforce are engaged in their job. The rest are floating along, collecting a paycheck but not much else. 

If you’ve been afraid to take the leap of faith necessary to find a new job, this article will help you make up your mind and change your life.  

Most Common Fears of Finding a New Job 

According to the latest statistics, 38% of Americans say the scariest part of looking for a new job is the interview process. Another 33% in that same poll said they were afraid to even send out a resume because they might not get a response back at all. 16% say they won’t apply because they’re worried about how to negotiate their salary properly and 13% cite the fear of rejection as their number one reason for not looking for a new place to work.  

But these same people all say they are unfulfilled and unchallenged in their new job. How can you overcome these fears and make the move toward something new that you and your family deserve? 

How to Overcome Common Job Search Fears 

If you haven’t looked for a new job because your employer depends on you too much, stop right there. Loyalty to your employer is an admirable trait. But if you’re being over or underworked or the environment is a bad one, it is not your job to sacrifice yourself out of loyalty to your employer. This is business. Your employer makes hard business decisions every day that include laying off and hiring workers. We would encourage you to treat your job search and your career like a business and start asking yourself, “What’s the best career move for me?” 

If you’re simply afraid of the unknown, it’s time to get over that, too. How will you know if you don’t explore other options? Doesn’t it seem wrong that you’re staying in a job because you’re afraid you might be more miserable somewhere else? When you look at it that way, it seems like taking that leap of faith to find a new job becomes critical to you as a person. Everyone deserves to be happy in their work, even you. You would be surprised at the opportunities out there today if you just open your eyes and look around.

There are two pieces of good news we can share. First, you are not alone in your fears. There are plenty of people working today that are desperately unhappy and worried that they are stuck. Second, you are not stuck. Stellar Staffing Solutions works closely with candidates just like you. We’ve spent two decades matching great employers with great candidates. It’s time to take the leap and call on us. We can help you transition into a new adventure. 

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