This has been quite the year for your employees—and everyone else, so many employers are trying to find the best ways to express their gratitude to workers. Since many people are now remote and social distancing may nix our holiday parties, how can companies recognize the great work of their employees? We have some ideas. 


10 Ways to Say Thanks to Employees This Year 


  1. Offer your employees flex time. This year we’ve struggled to handle unexpected life events during the coronavirus. Kids are home and social activities have been cut. Employers can recognize that employees need a little flex time to take care of the unexpected, especially during the holidays. 
  2. If you’re in the office, show your gratitude by catering a meal for workers. You can set up a holiday coffee, cocoa, and cookie bar with a big sign saying, “Thanks for all you do.” 
  3. Have managers write appreciation notes to their staff. You can enclose a gift card with the note to give employees a little shopping boost during the holiday season. 
  4. Consider purchasing gifts for employees. If workers are still remote, it makes sense to have packages shipped to their home. 
  5. Have t-shirts, custom jackets, or other logo-imprinted corporate wear made for your workers. This will extend your branding efforts as well as building pride within the team. 
  6. Create some holiday contests, such as an ugly sweater or a holiday mask competition. If employees work in-house, see who can decorate their space the best. Gather everyone together, thank them for their service, and announce the winners. 
  7. Send every employee a holiday goodie basket of treats. 
  8. Create a wall of fame in the office with an employee of the month or some other kind of recognition. 
  9. Let your team leave early or close down the office on the holiday eve. Everyone loves to get out of work early! You can rotate this is you can’t afford to let everyone leave early at the same time. 
  10. Give your workers a holiday bonus. If you want to vary the amount, base it on seniority; those who have been around the longest should receive the biggest prize. 


All of these suggestions are great ways to recognize your team this year. You can also hold a potluck get together or take everyone out for a meal. However, because social distancing is in place, this may be harder to do this year. No matter what, take the time to show your appreciation this year. We’ve all been through a lot, so consider how your employees have stepped up during the crisis and reward them for their perseverance and support of your company.

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