We’ve had some big changes to the world of work over the past year, thanks to the pandemic. But the country is reopening and business owners are adopting new best practices based on some of the changes we’ve undergone. Reopening gives us a chance to start fresh on new workflows that can make us operate more efficiently. For example, one of the ways companies can save time is by partnering with a staffing company. This article will help you understand how to save time with a recruiting firm.

The High Cost of Hiring

It may seem like handling hiring in-house is the most efficient way to run your HR candidate sourcing. But there are risks associated with this effort. Using an in-house team to hire new employees may mean:

  • Increased turnover. Finding the right people is a skill that takes time to learn. If you hire intermittently or if your company is smaller and an office manager is wearing a lot of hats, it can be hard to find the right fit on the first try. This can lead to costly turnover in your organization. Sourcing good talent takes a massive amount of time, that many companies do not have. If they fail to find the right candidate, it impacts the entire company. It’s a costly experiment that you don’t want to put on just anyone; it takes expertise and networking connections to get this right.
  • Reduction in productivity. Handling hiring in-house cuts the time small companies spend on other important things like building the business. Spending money to post the position, weeding through dozens of resumes, and then scheduling and interviewing takes hours of time that you probably don’t have. This reduces productivity by taking away time you probably don’t have.

Outsourcing your recruiting efforts to a staffing agency saves you the time of sourcing and screening candidates. Instead, you are presented with two or three top candidates that you can choose from and they’ve already been thoroughly vetted by the staffing firm. Plus, your time to hire will reduce because staffing firms already have extensive networks of qualified candidates who could be a slam dunk for your next hiring effort.

For companies that don’t have an in-house recruiting team, a staffing agency can save them the time they would spend hunting for qualified candidates. Staffing firms focus on just one thing—finding you the perfect employee. This is in contrast to an office or HR manager in a small firm that may be pulled in a lot of directions during their hiring effort.

A recruiting firm like Stellar Staffing also brings the benefit of the latest technology tools to help with your search and screening process. Today’s applicant tracking systems (ATS) have sophisticated features that will help your company stand out as a professional player in your industry no matter the size of the business. This will help you attract more candidates and get them onboard quickly and efficiently.

Stellar Staffing can save your company time and money during the hiring process. Call on us today.

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