We’re in the thick of a staffing shortage again and you need an accountant. It’s a challenging time for employers seeking any kind of talent, let alone skilled workers from the accounting field. Accounting handles critical components for your business, from taxes, billing, payroll, and more. It’s not a function you can do without for long. How can you attract more accounting candidates quickly to your business?

Tips for Finding Accounting Candidates Fast

Ask for Referrals
Start by asking for referrals. Many companies offer their employees referral bonuses if their recommended candidates wind up hired. Make sure you ask your employees to share your open jobs with their networks. That’s a great resource for talent that you’ve probably left untapped.

Referral candidates are the best because they are a known commodity; the referring party knows them, their work ethic, and whether the candidate would fit in your culture. They can help make sure the candidate understands the position and what they’ve be getting into in your company. That means you’ll be more likely to retain them when they become an employee.

Write a Better Ad

Well-written job descriptions do matter. This is especially true now when the market is saturated with jobs. Make sure the ad is thorough and includes:

  • Job responsibilities and what skills it would take to do the job well.
  • What the company culture is like.
  • Salary and benefits.

Details are critical because every accounting job is different. For example, some companies have a separate department that handles payroll. Others are team-based. Still others require working with minimal supervision. These are important details to an accounting candidate that will save time during the hiring process.

We also believe you should list the salary, particularly if you’re pressed for time. It takes a lot of hours to pour over candidate resumes and you can save time by weeding out candidates right up front who cannot work within your salary range.

Don’t make the ad too long, but try to be as detailed as you can. If the ad is too lengthy, the candidate will miss crucial details like the salary. However, if the ad is too short you might get a lot of candidates who are unqualified for the position.

Work with a Staffing Agency
If you’re pressed for time, it makes sense to work with a staffing agency. Professional firms like Stellar Staffing have spent years building networks in the accounting industry. When you form a partnership, it’s like adding an entirely new set of eyes and hands to your search process. In today’s competitive markets for qualified accounting candidates, you need this kind of edge. Stellar Staffing has the experience and know-how in sourcing, screening and hiring accounting candidates as quickly as possible. If you’re struggling to find accounting candidates fast, why not give us a call today?

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