Wake up, hiring managers! It’s a candidate-driven market with way more jobs than people to fill them. If the candidate is experienced and working in high-demand fields such as healthcare or technology, they can pretty much write their ticket into just about any job they choose. The old ways of interviewing aggressively no longer work with candidates who know they have job choices. Hiring is hard right now. Don’t make it harder on yourself by scaring away your candidates. Here are some mistakes you should avoid to help your company get closer to its hiring goals.

Avoid These Three Hiring Mistakes

1. Check your website.

When was the last time you applied for a job on your careers page? Lengthy application processes turn candidates off. They should be able to upload their resume and have your website form self-populate. It takes time and patience to manually enter your CV into an online form. Since you already have a copy of the resume in the portal, who can blame the applicant for growing frustrated to the point of walking away.
The site should also translate well to mobile or other digital screens. Why? Because most job seekers use their cell phones to apply to jobs. If your application process doesn’t translate well, you will likely have a lot of application abandons. That means you’ve missed out on possibly great candidates because of what is basically a technical glitch in your application process.

2. Check your process.

Employers can ghost candidates, too. Your applicant has invested time in the process of applying to your organization. If applying to your company is like tossing a rock down a dark deep well, it will leave a bad taste in the candidate’s mouth. A good best practice is to send out a note to every candidate that applies. That’s the basic requirement for a better candidate experience. But you should also focus on keeping the candidate process as short as possible. During this time, keep the candidate interested by communicating with them frequently about all the steps in the process. They are going to wonder what happens next. Tell them and you’ll lessen the risk that the candidate drops out before the end.

3. Check how you interview.

Today’s candidates are flight risks. The more skilled and more technical they are the more they are in demand. This requires a new approach to interviewing that is more welcoming, kind, and informative than in the past. Talk with the candidate candidly about their credentials but also why your culture is a good place for your workforce. Consider the new reality of today’s hiring process: the candidate is interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them. Tailor your interviewing process so that each candidate feels respected, welcomed, and appreciated. Do anything less and you’ll run the risk of having word spread that your interview process is outdated and your culture may be less-than-desirable.

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