How many times have you heard this question in an interview, “So, tell me why we should pick you for the job?” This is a go-to question for many employers because it’s an excellent way to see if you’ve done your research on the company and the job itself. It’s a trick question that forces you to compare your experiences with what the job requires. You need to answer in a way that doesn’t sound too arrogant. What’s the right way to answer this question? We have answers that will help you respond to this question and increase the chances that you’ll land the position.

Six Steps to Answer “Why Should We Pick You For this Job?”

Here are six things you must incorporate into your answer to this interview question:

  1. Never say, “I don’t know.” This means you must be calm, cool, and collected while answering a difficult question.
  2. Say, “That’s an excellent question. I’m not completely sure of the answer because I’m still learning about your company, however….” This is a great lead-in to your answer—and it’s probably the truth. You’re going to make your best guess as to why you’re the right fit, but you probably won’t know for sure.
  3. Phrase your answer in a way that shows the employer you’ve studied the job description, listed to the interviewers, and researched the company. What skills do you bring to the table that solve some big problems for the employer? What skills do you have that will cover the primary piece of the job description?
  4. Use an example to illustrate why you’re a good fit. For example, instead of saying, “I have great communication skills,” follow up with how you led a cross-functional team to their goal by facilitating meetings.
  5. Share why you’re excited about the job. Show them that you’re engaged and will be motivated should you get the job.
  6. Be confident in your approach but not too aggressive. Use your tone of voice to show your confidence in your skills and make direct eye contact with the interviewer as you do it.

Nail Your Answer

You can prepare for this question by reviewing the top skills listed in the job description. Then match them to your skills. Provide examples of how you’ve illustrated those skills; don’t just say you have them without giving an example. Try to walk in the employer’s shoes while preparing for the interview. What problem will hiring you solve? What’s the dilemma the employer is facing, and how can you solve it? Here’s an example of how to answer the question, “Why should we hire you?”

“That’s a great question. After researching the job and your company, it sounds like you’re looking for someone with great communication skills to lead the team. In my last role, I led a team of five through a difficult project that required constant communication between my department and several others within the company. I served as a point person to ensure project deadlines were hit and tasks were met. It’s the kind of work I enjoy, and I’d love to apply my skills here.”

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