Last month, we wrote about the importance of goal-setting with your employees. Goal setting is a productivity enhancer that not only motivates and engages your team but also gives you benchmarks to help track and measure. Of course, this only works if you take the right steps toward goal setting. But that’s only the first part of what should become a regular effort on your part to support those goals and the employees behind them. Here’s what you can do to support the goals of your workforce for a better outcome for you and your employees.

Why Should You Support Employee Goals?

Your employee’s goals are your goals. They should incorporate production, learning new skills, getting along with coworkers, and more. When your employees reach their goals, ultimately your company benefits. This is probably the best reason for doing all you can to support your employees not only in their goal setting but also in goal achievement. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Making sure the employee goals are connected to the larger goals of the company. You want the employee to understand the effect they have on the business, your customers, and the product or service you sell. This will engage them in the success of the organization.
  • Making sure the goals are actually attainable. Then empowering your managers to support their teams in reaching their targets. This will give employees some wins throughout the year that will keep them motivated.
  • Creating success plans for everyone in the business. This is a great undertaking that should incorporate a career plan based on what the employee wants to do with their career in your company. This step will help retain your workforce.
  • Monitor and reward the progress of employees toward their goals, whether the milestone is big or small. This will create a sense of camaraderie where everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction.


While these steps are all critical, what can you do every day to support employees in their efforts to reach these goals?

How Can You Support Employee Goals?

Your managers should communicate freely about goals. It should be a transparent culture where everyone understands why the goals are there, how they contribute to the success of the organization, and what happens when goals aren’t met—and when they are.

During this process, you should solicit feedback from managers and employees:

  • Are goals being set too high?
  • Are the rewards worth the effort?
  • How do teams feel about the goals they’re striving for?
  • Do the goals need changing, and if so, how?

The entire idea of supporting goal setting with your employees and supervisors is that they understand both their worth to the organization and their impact on the company. Everyone wants something to believe in and strive for beyond a paycheck. Supporting the goals of your teams ultimately gives everyone a sense of pride and purpose in the work you do.

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