The New Year brings a lot of optimism that you can move mountains. With that optimism comes the worry that your goals aren’t the right ones or that you won’t be able to hit the mark somehow. But this year can be different. You can set the perfect goals and achieve them. Whether it’s your job or personal life, goal-setting correlates well with turning the calendar into a brand-new year. Here are four tips for goal setting in the New Year.

Four Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year

Having a goal without a plan isn’t an achievable consideration. That’s why 16% of people who set goals in the New Year actually achieve them. While some people may sputter out on their goals, breaking them into manageable increments as part of a planning process will help you not fall into the 84% of Americans who never hit the goals they’ve set.

Let’s start with the goal-setting process itself. Here are four ways to set the perfect goals:

  1. Make goals specific and measurable
    Instead of setting a vague goal like “lose weight in 2023,” set a specific goal such as “lose 10 pounds in three months.” You can break this goal down further by creating a plan to exercise three times a week in 30 minute increments or exercise every day for 20 minutes—or whatever works for you. The point is to set a clear target that is specific and measurable to track your progress toward the bigger goal.
  2. Set achievable goals
    While it’s essential to challenge yourself, it’s also important to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. They should also consider who you are and your situation. For example, if you’re setting a work goal, is it achievable within the culture, job, or environment that you’re in? Setting a goal that is too ambitious or that fails to consider the factors you cannot control will set you up for failure.
  3. Set meaningful goals
    Life goals are uniquely personal to you. But work goals are, too. We often see companies and managers that set goals for their employees, not with them. It’s no wonder that these organizations often struggle to engage their workers in the company’s success. The goals you set should align with your values and interests. This will help you stay motivated and committed to achieving them.
  4. Create a plan and track your progress
    Your goals should also have the intent to achieve them. Your goals should always have a time or other measurable increment. That’s why saying, “I want to lose 10 pounds,” isn’t nearly as effective as saying, “I want to lose 10 pounds in three months.” A nebulous goal doesn’t hold you accountable for achieving it. Like that old saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Good goal setting requires you to create a way of getting there.

Sometimes the goals you want to achieve at work aren’t possible because of the environment you’re in. In these cases, your first goal should be to find the kind of environment where your goals are achievable. That’s where Stellar Staffing can help. We match job candidates with employers that can support their career goals. How can we help you in the New Year? Call on us to find out more.

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