Gallup defines employee engagement as those who are “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” In 2017 Gallup found 51% were not engaged and 16% were actively disengaged, equating to 67% of employees. By 2019, Gallup numbers improved as 34% of U.S. workers are engaged in their workplace and those actively disengaged is down to 13%, a new low. 

Engagement is a direct correlation with productivity, customer service and ultimately profitability. Organizations who have strong engagement scores grow 2.5 times faster than companies with lower marks. High employee engagement means companies enjoy lower turnover rates, better customer loyalty and even improved safety scores.  

However, employee enthusiasm and commitment are not for sale. Although employees often say they appreciate better pay and benefits, these factors do not drive enthusiasm and the extra effort it takes to grow a company. There are strategies you can use that help you achieve those goals. 

Be A Detective at Work 

One of the most useful things managers and supervisors can do is to stop spending time being overly critical of those who are not doing things exactly right. Instead, it’s important to identify what’s going right since this is what gets employees excited. Focus on areas your employees enjoy contributing to and build a plan that creates the outcomes you’re looking for.  

Everyone in the company wants to enjoy the work that they do and recognize the contribution they make to the company’s bottom line. Not every task can be fun, but every employee can understand how the work they do contributes to the growth of the company and to their own job security. 

Be Visible and Engaged Yourself 

Managers and supervisors should communicate the company’s immediate and long-term goals within regular staff meetings to ensure everyone receives the same information and the tasks are distributed fairly and transparently. This creates a safe environment that helps team members connect with each other and engage to achieve company goals. Within the same meetings ask for employee suggestions and show interest. By actively listening and acting on feedback, employees recognize they are being heard and understood. This is possible within a group setting and on an individual basis. Each of these boosts engagement through recognition. 

Challenge Your Employees to Outperform Themselves 

By creating a challenging environment that is competitive and collaborative you increase your employees’ engagement with each other and with the company. In other words, the competition is against other companies and the collaboration is amongst the employees to grow the company faster and farther than you may have thought possible. This gives individuals a chance to improve their skillset and increases their motivation while preparing them for future success within the organization. 

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