Employee morale has its ups and downs. If you’re tuned in to your employees, you can see some of the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle symptoms, like eye-rolling, high turnover rates and reduced performance. The best approach is to tackle the issue head-on because it won’t go away on its own.  

Gallup data shows employers who have high employee engagement rates also post 21% more productivity. The important thing to remember is you don’t need a Google-sized budget to raise your employee engagement and morale. In fact, there are some very simple strategies you can use to increase engagement and ultimately your business’ productivity. 

Build a Team 

It’s hard to get people engaged when they don’t have anything to be engaged with. Your managers, directors and employees will feel appreciated when they’re recognized by the company. This can be as simple as remembering employee names and celebrating their birthday or sending a gift to newlyweds or new parents.  

When people feel appreciated they give back more than they receive. This also means taking a proactive approach by letting go of individuals who continue to have a negative attitude, belittle people in front of others, only give negative feedback or withhold critical information. By weeding out this behavior, you’ll have a greater impact on morale and engagement. 

Get Feedback 

Employees enjoy working for a boss who openly asks their opinion and for their contribution towards making a positive change. Look for feedback from your employees on a wide area of issues and then enlist them to help tackle and solve the biggest problems. When you get feedback, it’s a great time to give good feedback. When someone is doing something positive, it’s important to tell them and to recognize them. 

Help Employees Link Their Job to Your Mission 

Your employees will work harder, be more productive and have greater engagement when they understand the work they do matters towards the growth of the company. How does their job directly impact revenue or brand image? Demonstrating this helps people feel like they’re making a difference, and people who make a difference will be more engaged. 

Give a Little 

Once hired, most employees will tell you they don’t stay at a company because of the money. Instead, they stay because they feel appreciated, they enjoy the work they do, they understand how the work has an impact on the company and they believe the company cares for them. Some of the small ways you can increase engagement is to suggest breaks taken away from the desk or the work area. When employees stay in the same place to eat and work it creates problems with productivity and burnout.  

It’s important to celebrate work anniversaries because these are relationship milestones between your employee and your company. Ask how they would like to honor their work anniversary and celebrate your company’s birthday with everyone. 

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