The data is in and it shows that happier workers are more productive. How can an employer tap into this productivity? By creating a positive work culture. You may be thinking that “my culture is fine,” but this article will show you the signs to watch for that signal you’ve got a cultural problem that could be impacting your bottom line.

Signs Your Company Culture is in Trouble

One sign that your company culture leaves something to be desired, is when your production teams aren’t meeting their goals. Performance that is consistently under goal may indicate that your goal is unachievable. But it could also illustrate that your teams are demotivated and feeling less-than-positive about their work.

You have a revolving door. If you’re constantly replacing workers, there is something wrong. It could be a competitor is offering better wages or it could be your culture lacks the glue that makes employees want to stay on.

Is there mistrust between your management and frontline workers? Culturally, that could be the kiss of death that causes high turnover and low production. Are there clusters of workers talking about us versus them? That’s a cultural problem that needs to be addressed.

Do your employees feel like they’re not contributing toward a mission? People want to have a reason for working, so give them a goal and then reward them for hitting it. Without a sense of purpose, your business and the culture within it will struggle.

People don’t “own” the results of their work. A sense of ownership and responsibility should permeate the company, and that will translate into a more engaged workforce.

Finally, you feel like people are burning out. Burnout is a clear indicator that work isn’t nurturing your workforce.

All of these issues are clear indicators that there is a problem with your culture. How can you fix things and reap the benefits of a better corporate work environment?

How to Fix What’s Broken in Your Culture

If you’re noticing the signs that your business culture is struggling, here are a few ways to improve it.

First, set the mission and values of the organization and recruit to meet those standards. Set the expectations for the job, and its goals and rewards, right up front during the orientation process. Train your managers to lead by creating a positive work environment by giving more positive than negative feedback. Then, establish a system of realistic individual and departmental goals to keep your organization striving toward success.

Finally, whenever possible, work to promote from within. Give people something to strive toward and create an environment in which they want to achieve their goals. If you can do all of these things, your culture and productivity will improve.

Stellar Staffing works closely with employers to hire for culture fit. This helps reinforce a better and more productive work environment for your employees and your bottom line. Find out how we can help our business by contacting us today.

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