Have you ever considered working the second shift? It’s that shift that begins in the afternoon and ends in the early part of the evening. Typically, these shifts run from 4 pm to about midnight. It’s called second shift because it follows those early risers from the first shifter that end around 4 in the afternoon. There are some big benefits from taking on the second shift. This article will help you understand what it’s like to work during this time.

Benefits of Second Shift

People that work the second shift swear by it. If you ask them, they say there are four key benefits that most people generally appreciate.

Sleeping in

If you’re not a morning person, the second shift is a great way to sleep in. You can get up when you like, enjoy your coffee, run errands, or do chores, all before you need to get to work. If you’re motivated, you could get in a full eight hours of sleep and still squeeze in laundry or a visit to the grocery before work. Mornings are a good time to run errands at many places just because people are generally at work. So, you can get in and get out and beat the crowds.

Shorter commute

There’s less traffic during that time of day, too, so your commute will be less time-consuming. This could give you back all that time you spend sitting in traffic if you work a first shift job. If it cuts your commute by a half-hour every day, that’s like having an additional 2.5 hours (or more) every week back in your schedule. If your using public transport your time will feel much more relaxed with fewer people crammed onto the train, subway or bus. Many times, public transit prices drop during non-rush times, saving you even more.

Make more money

Speaking of money, perhaps the best part of the second shift is that many companies will pay a shift differential to keep you happier on the job. That means second and third-shift employees make more than their first-shift peers and this extra can add up—fast. While this isn’t always true, this could be as high as 10% an hour. Making more money is typically attractive, plus when you add in the time spent commuting and having your mornings free, the second shift starts to look better and better.

Suits your family schedule

Having this scheduling differential may help with childcare. Could you take care of the kids in the mornings and get them off to school? Why not, right? While you will get home when they’re probably sleeping (or should be, right?), you’ll be there to greet them and make them a good breakfast to kick off their day.

Get a second job

If you’re money motivated, working a second shift job could even free you up to pick up a morning job somewhere else. Or, if you’re a freelancer, you have the mornings to get money-generating tasks done before you head to your second shift job. Picking up a part-time job in the mornings could also be an option.

More than two million Americans take advantage of working the night shift. These jobs are sometimes easier to get because people are stuck in the traditional 9 to 5 way of thinking. But the benefits of this work schedule far outweigh any downside—just ask a second shift worker and you’ll start to imagine this kind of lifestyle.

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