Many companies are beginning to hire again. They may have reduced staff during COVID-19 last year. But as companies come back to full capacity this year and next, many will begin looking for more employees to staff back up. The problem is that many also have a smaller HR and recruiting staff to source, interview, and hire. This results in longer time-to-hire and potentially lower quality of candidates as HR teams are stretched to get all the work done. That’s why many companies are looking for staffing agencies to help them save time during the hiring process. Here how a recruiting firm can help your business.

Outsourced Recruiting is a Time Saver

Recruiting is one of the most resource-intensive and time-consuming tasks undertaken by your HR team. Finding the right people is no easy task and you can’t skimp in your efforts to look for top candidates, either. It’s particularly hard for small companies; their HR teams often wear several hats. Finding the best fit for your company takes a full-time effort. What can a small business owner do?

The answer lies in the partnership between your company and a staffing agency. Most small companies don’t hire a full-time recruiter, instead choosing to let the professionals at a third-party recruiting firm handle the work. How can these firms save you time?

Recruiting companies can look over your job description and place advertisements online to get the word out about your role. They often use social media to spread the word about your job. They also spend hours searching for candidates in their databases and on sites like LinkedIn, patiently hunting for the right match. This work is painstaking but you don’t have to do it if you use a staffing firm.

Staffing agencies typically have a ready-made pool of candidates that they have vetted and are ready to deploy. The typical interview process takes a minimum of 20 or 25-days, and this doesn’t include the amount of time you spend reviewing resumes or searching for candidates online. Having a staffing agency with an existing network means you have the chance to cut this time in half.

Staffing agencies pre-vet any new candidates for you, getting basic information and making sure the candidate fits the job description well. They spend hours doing this—so you don’t have to. Typically, the agency provides you with three or four well-qualified candidates through a process of weeding out the worst ones. Again, this is time you don’t have to spend screening resumes and talking to these candidates by phone or on Zoom.

Recruiting firms also spend time making sure the candidate understands the position, your company, and the culture they’ll be stepping into. That way the candidate comes to you with a much better understanding of their role in your company.

Stellar Staffing is standing by to help you save time on your candidate search process. This frees up your HR teams to work on other things. Find out why our clients appreciate working so closely with our teams. Contact us today.

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