It’s hard to get everything done during big events and for most Americans, November and December are still busy times. The problem is that you can struggle to change your habits to squeeze in all of the extra stuff you need to do during the holiday season. Then, all the extra tasks can make you spin your wheels so that you get stuck and don’t get much of anything at all done. This blog will help you get more done even during that overwhelming holiday hectic time.

Top Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays

You’ve got this. Start your journey toward increased holiday productivity by thinking about your schedule from the perspective of how much time you waste every day. You know you do it. How much time do you watch videos or TV? How much time do you spend texting? Think about what fairly mindless activities you can dump during the holidays to start the process of improving your efficiency.

Next, set up time blocks each day. A time block is a devoted chunk of schedule where you concentrate on one thing—and one thing, only. Why? It turns out the human brain isn’t meant to multitask and most of us are terrible at it. Trying to divide your attention between texting and email and a work project plus instant messaging—it’s no good. All it does is divide your attention and slow you down. Instead, every night before you go to bed in November and December this year, consider writing down your schedule for the next day. Use time blocks to devote to projects and even use the same organizational tool to handle all the errands you have to run after work.

As you’re making the time block, try prioritizing tasks so that you tackle one or two big things each day at work, and then do the same for home holiday projects. Try this technique for one week and see if you don’t get more done faster than in the past.

The other piece of this holiday makeover you’re attempting is to take care of you. People get run down during the holidays. When family comes over, germs are spread, and it’s a recipe for stress and ill health if you’re already run down. Instead of running yourself ragged this year, prioritize sleeping, exercise, and eating healthy foods as part of the new year. Believe or not, more sleep will help you be more efficient, not less, so the extra hour or two you give yourself every night will pay off.

Get Control of Your Schedule

Ultimately, we recommend that you regain control of a schedule that may be out of balance. Some of this unbalance may have more to do with your current job. The stress of the holidays may exacerbate the problem of a job that is out of control.

The holidays are a time for reflection. Stellar Staffing is standing by to help you regain control of your life with a better job. Call on our team if you’re ready to launch a big change in the New Year. We can help.

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