The studies tell us that Americans want to be engaged in their jobs. After all, most of us spend 40 hours in a job—and sometimes more. But employee engagement dropped for the first time in a decade last year. Today, just over one-third of employees are engaged at work and 16% say they are actively disengaged. If you’re struggling to get excited about work these days, this blog will help you find a way to break through and reengage your workplace creativity and passion.

Finding Your Excitement at Work Again

While your employer should make an effort to create meaningful and engaging work, you also are responsible for finding your mojo and spark. How can you do it?

  • First, change your work habits. For example, if work is a ho-hum, consider adding some exercise during your break. Studies show that exercise sparks creativity. Exercise has the added benefit of helping you shed pounds. Exercise can wake you up after lunch. But exercise also sparks the brain in ways we don’t totally understand—but we know it works.
  • Second, talk to your boss about taking on more tasks or switching up jobs if you’re bored at work. We’re not suggesting you work more than the allotted time required; work/life balance is important. However, if you can change up your job a little by learning new skills, it may re-spark the passion you once had for your role.
  • Third, what initiatives are going on around you that might spark your creativity? Many companies have workplace initiatives to improve culture and the environment. What can you do to help with these initiatives? Or, if nothing interests you, why not create your own initiative? Talk to HR. The holidays are coming up. Is there a way for you to take on a fundraising or donations project to help a needy family? The question is, what interests you? Would you like to collect donations for the local dog shelter? Maybe there’s something the HR team is already working on that you can help with.
  • Fourth, ask questions and think outside the box. Try thinking about your job from a new angle. Do you have ideas about how the job can improve? Start sharing these ideas and get others excited about making changes to increase engagement.
  • Finally, sometimes the best way to spark your passion is to engage with a recruiting firm like Stellar Staffing. We understand that, despite your best efforts, a job sometimes just isn’t the right fit or doesn’t ignite the passion that you should feel when you go to work. Sometimes it takes time to find the job that makes you feel good about going to work. We get it. That’s why Stellar Staffing’s mission is to help people just like you find better opportunities.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their job. If you can’t find your joy in your current role, we are here to help. Call us today.

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