Your resume is your personal marketing tool when applying for a job. Using the right words to make a strong impression on hiring managers is essential. Your words can influence how a recruiter perceives you and your skills, so choose them well. Here are some of the best words to use on your resume to help you stand out.

What Words Work on a Resume?

93% of resumes use action-oriented words and phrases. What are the best action words to use?

Employers want to see results, and the word “achieved” conveys that you can deliver them. Instead of using a generic term like “completed” use “achieved” to demonstrate your accomplishments and how you have contributed to your past companies.

Showing you can improve something means you have a strong work ethic and can make a difference in an organization. Use this word to demonstrate enhanced processes, systems, or operations in your previous roles.

Hiring managers are looking for problem solvers; using the word “resolved” on your resume is a great way to demonstrate this skill. It shows that you can identify issues and take the necessary steps to resolve them.


If you have managed people, projects, or budgets in your previous roles, use the word “managed” on your resume. It demonstrates that you have experience in leadership roles and can handle responsibility.

Creativity is a valuable asset in many roles, and using the word “created” on your resume shows you have a track record of generating ideas and developing innovative solutions. This skill is particularly important if you are applying for a role in the creative field.

Teamwork is an essential skill in most workplaces, and using the word “collaborated” on your resume demonstrates that you are a team player who can work effectively with others. It shows that you can build relationships and contribute to the team’s success.

Analytical skills are highly valued in many industries and using the word “analyzed” on your resume shows that you have experience in gathering data and making informed decisions. It demonstrates that you can solve complex problems and working with data.

Employers want to know that you can take ideas and implement them. Using the word “implemented” on your resume shows you have experience executing plans and bringing projects to completion.

If you have experience in training or mentoring others, use the word “trained” on your resume. This word demonstrates that you have leadership skills and can transfer knowledge to others.


Using the word “increased” on your resume shows you have a track record of improving performance. Increased can refer to sales, revenue, productivity, or any other metric relevant to the role you are applying for.

The words you use on your resume can significantly impact your chances of getting hired. Use these words strategically and effectively to highlight your strengths and stand out. You can double their effectiveness by working with Stellar Staffing to share your resume with top employers. Call on us today to find out more.

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