Women still struggle in male-dominated industries. Women spend more time performing unpaid work such as childcare, so the pandemic hit many women particularly hard. But women still hold only 38% of corporate management positions to men’s 62%. In 2020, women made $0.81 for every dollar a man-made. While many companies say they’re focused on diversifying their employee base, it seems we have a ways to go before they won’t feel the effects of industries dominated by men. Here’s how you can support women in the workplace in their efforts to succeed as equal partners in business.

Helping Women Succeed at Work

One of the best ways to help women in your workplace is to hire more of them. About one-fifth of female employees in U.S. companies say they are the only women in the company or on the job. Just seven percent of men experience the same scenario. While women are outnumbered in the workplace in many scenarios, you can help alleviate this issue by hiring more women whenever possible. If you cynically wonder how hiring a woman can benefit your business, consider the McKinsey study that says companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are also 15% more likely to have higher revenues over national medians.

One way to be sure you hire more women is to rework your job posting. Make sure your ad isn’t coded “masculine” by using words like “assertive” or “ninja” or “killer.” Instead, use phrases like “conscientious,” “responsible,” or “dedicated,” to avoid turning off qualified women candidates.

Once women are on the job, make sure you set up a mentoring program to ensure the new hire feels welcomed and supported. This is a good idea no matter the gender of the candidate. For women, if they are the minority on the job, having someone to show them the ropes, advocate and support them will help them feel more comfortable.

There are also things you can do when the woman is on the job to show your support. The studies show us that women are more likely to be interrupted in meetings. You can help by speaking up to support your women colleagues. If she’s shared a good idea that you feel is being glossed over, speak up, and bring up the idea again. Also, keep your eyes open for opportunities to advance the careers of your female colleagues. If there is a committee or a project she would be great for, make sure you recommend her.

Supporting women in a male-dominated industry takes some effort. But it is only through a deliberate attempt to support our female colleagues on the job and in hiring, that we can truly reach a state where women are treated as fairly as their male counterparts.

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