Employment agencies provide jobs for about 16 million American workers each year. From temporary contract jobs to full-time hire and everything in between, it’s clear that the partnership between staffing agencies and job seekers seems to be working out just fine. But if you’ve never used an employment agency, how can you pick the one that will help you move your career forward? Should you trust them to represent you to employers or should you just do it yourself? What can an employment agency do for your career? We have answers.

How to Use an Employment Agency to Advance Your Career

More than 90% of American companies use employment agencies to help them find skilled workers. The benefit for you, the worker, is that these companies trust their employment agencies to find them the best talent fast—and, that could be you. The first and best reason to trust an employment agency is simple: Employers trust them and you should, too.

Employment agencies are advocates for the companies that hire them and the candidates they place. Straddling this line helps recruiters from these firms gain critical insight into the employer culture and the employee job market. For you, that’s an excellent resource just standing by for you to tap into.

There are all kinds of benefits to using a staffing agency over conducting your own job search:

  • As we just pointed out, the recruiters in these staffing agencies know people. Specifically, they know the hiring managers and HR teams at leading companies. Instead of you applying individually to a handful of jobs, talk to a recruiter. They can represent you to dozens of employers in their network until you’re placed in the job you want. If you’re contracting and it’s time to move on to another job, your recruiter can help you find the next placement. It’s good to have this kind of support in your corner when you’re trying to advance your career.
  • This, as you might imagine, could save you both time and stress. Applying into the bottomless well of the standard application process is frustrating. Far too often, we hear about candidates who simply don’t hear back from the company they are applying to. Even worse, they may apply, get invited to interview, and then never hear back. Working with an employment agency means you will get feedback throughout the interview process.
  • The recruiter that represents you from an employment agency can give you a lot of free advice. For example, is your resume covering the right skills? How are you doing during the interviews you’re participating in? What is the corporate culture of the job you want really like? Should you settle for the employment package you’re being offered or try to negotiate? These are all areas where your employment agency can help. It’s like having your own personal job coach—but the service is free.

All of these reasons are good arguments for trusting an employment agency like Stellar Staffing. Every month, we help candidates just like you find meaningful work. Let’s make 2022 the start of something great for you and your family. Give us a call to find out how our team can help you grow in the New Year.

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