People love New Year’s resolutions. Most people set them. But did you know 80% of us don’t meet these goals? We may not may the goals specific enough, or the resolution was attainable to begin with, or we simply miss the mark. So, if we don’t meet our goals most of the time, why is it so important to still reflect back on the year that has passed us?

Why Reflect on the Past Year?

Personally and professionally, the studies show that if you practice reflection, your work and life improves. One Harvard study showed that employees that practice reflection at the end of the day perform 23% better. Reflecting on the past year at work means that you look both at the highs and lows of the experience to determine how you performed. What else can it teach you? An end-of-year reflection process may help you:

  • Correct behaviors and develop new ones that help you climb the ladder.
  • Determine the conditions of work that you enjoy and those you don’t.
  • Understand interactions with the team with an eye toward improving them.
  • Reflect on any feedback you received.

This kind of reflection can help you set goals for next year. Some things to consider include:

  • Think about your current level of education and whether you need more training to move into a job you’re interested in.
  • Consider your interactions with coworkers. Are there other ways to work with your team that are more productive?
  • What about the relationship you have with your boss?
  • Are you happy in your current position, or are you longing for a new challenge?

Now look at your goals from last year. Reflect on if you met them or missed the boat. Are there any goals that need revamped and rolled into 2022?

As you set your goals for next year ask yourself:

  • Are these goals realistic and attainable?
  • Are these goals specific and measurable?
  • Can you achieve these goals on your own or do you have the support team to make them happen?

It’s important to select goals that are actually under your control. Resist the urge to create a pie in the sky goal that simply isn’t achievable under the current conditions of the position you’re in. Also, acknowledge coworkers that bring negative emotions to the job. Consider how you can limit your interactions with these coworkers. Focus on the parts of the job that make you feel good. Then set goals to build on the pros and minimize the cons. Every job has challenges, it’s how you handle them that will make all the difference next year.

During the course of this reflection, it’s entirely possible you may realize the job just isn’t for you anymore. That’s where Stellar Staffing can help. We can help you achieve your goals of finding better opportunities for you and your family. If your 2021 reflection makes you realize that it’s time for a change in 2022, it’s time to give us a call.

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