Every employer’s goal is to satisfy their customers. With higher customer satisfaction comes a greater return on your investment and a growing bottom line. Yet, a positive correlation between the two is not inevitable and some companies have poured too many resources into improving the customer service, and end up paying a big price in the end.  

The key is to improve your customer service without creating a hole in the budget. One of the best ways to do that it’s a treat your employees as you would your customers. 

Respect and Appreciation Drives Customer Service 

Think about treating your employee in the same way you would treat your best customer. By showing them respect and appreciation for the work that they do, it often translates into greater investment into your company. In other words, it motivates them to be more engaged with the people around them, including your customer. 

The idea of putting employees first in order to enjoy the financial benefits from the endeavor began with a Japanese business model and often ended with increased productivity and satisfied customers. The idea was talked a lot about in the 1980s and has stuck with big business because it works.  

Think about it. When you work for someone who really cares about you, you’ll likely bend over backward to help them grow their business. But, working for a boss who makes it clear you’re just a cog in the wheel means you’re often far less committed to doing your job creatively. 

Five Tips to Treating Your Employees Right 

  • Get to know who they are. Know your employees by their first names, develop a relationship and let them know that their opinion counts. 
  • Find out what motivates them. In one study based on 34 million responses from around the world, a survey showed many employees don’t leave their job because of too much work but rather because of too much uninspiring work. Great customer service means you ask the customer what he needs and wants from your services and products. It’s important to do the same with your employees. This is not about taking requests but rather finding out what individuals hope to achieve during their careers. 
  • Be genuine. In all of your communication within your company, it’s important to be truthful and honest. Your company culture depends on how you communicate with your employees and then how they communicate with your customers. 
  •  Make it easy for your employees to talk to you. Most businesses ask their customers how things went or use a customer satisfaction survey. Yet they often overlook getting feedback from their employees. This should be done without fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s sometimes easier for the employer and employee to use a survey, rather than a face-to-face chat. 
  • Help your employees run their career like a business. This means investing in your employees to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and create a culture of business owners within your business. Individuals who see themselves as owners are often more proactive, creative and resourceful, instead of running to their manager with every question. 

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